Example: Fully compliant rates mitigation - Lincoln & Co

Through years of working in the Commercial Property market and as legal specialists, Lincoln and Co has a clear understanding of ways to mitigate your rates position when a property is empty. They have surveyed the market of current schemes available and developed their own scheme to offer clients the best savings possible.

Working with Lincoln & Co, we have developed the offering and put into place a sales and marketing plan to increase turnover. This has led us to look at the ways they are operating to add greater flexibility and responsiveness for the client.

A right thinker. Someone I can count on for a sensible and practical view.

- Alistair, Senior Banking Manager

Our Process

its simple. We will discuss your particular requirements and look at the company in its entirity (for SMEs) to ensure we understand not only the presented problem, but also the underlying issues. We look at the key drivers in the business so that key metrics can be established to help the business focus on the major elements to achieve success. Having gained an understanding, we always build a Steering Committee to act as a reference point for the change that will ensue. Proposals, should they be necessary, are drawn up and explored with the teams affected as well as with the Steering Committee. Once a course of action is agreed, this must be sold to the staff, before an implementation plan can be established.

Example: Partners at Lincoln & Co

At Lincoln & Co it bacame clear that the potential for success was constrained by the lack of a focused sales force. As a small company we proposed 2 courses of action - a focused sales person and working with partners. This was to be supported by an agreed marketing plan. A part-time sales person has been appointed and a network of partners with complementary skills built to widen the offering. The result is that sales increased. We then went on to propose a marketing budget based on a percentage of turnover, within limits. A trial was held that showed the success of this approach with the view of embedding it in the structure of the business.